Las Cruces’ Premier┬áPlacenta Encapsulation Service



Enchanted Doula and Massage: Taking care of you with Hands, Heart, and Voice

I’m here to help you feel calm and prepared so you can keep being awesome! My clients receive responsive and steady information and support for pregnancy, labor, birth, parenthood, and beyond. I want you to feel taken care of. I am able to do this by helping you balance research based information with your intuition to make empowering and healthy choices that are right for you.

Power of Hands

Not only do I offer doula and placenta encapsulation services, but I am Las Cruces’ Only Massage Doula. I am a LMT that is trained in 20+ modalities, including Prenatal, Swedish, Lymphatic, and Holistic services including Reflexology and Reiki.

Power of Heart

I became a doula to help families as they grow and expanded as a LMT to offer Massage Doula services to better serve families with touch and presence. I became a LMT to help people feel better.

Power of Voice

Many clients have told me that my voice is soothing and relaxes them during labor/birth, massages, and during reiki and chakra treatments. I believe voice to be a powerful tool in relaxation and healing through speech, affirmations, and singing.